Université El Oued - Motor Drive and Power Electronics Test Bench Laboratoire

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The image displays a a comprehensive laboratory environment equipped with various instruments, sensors, power supplies, and motor test rigs, indicating that it is used for educational or research purposes related to electrical engineering, electronics, and power systems.

laboratory setup used for studying and testing various electrical and electronic components and systems. It consists of several workstations or benches with different equipment and devices.

One section shows a host computer connected to a data acquisition system (dSPACE 1104) and various measurement instruments like a multimeter, rectifier bridge, CoMo torque sensor, and current sensors. This setup appears to be used for data acquisition, monitoring, and control purposes.

Another section displays a workbench with power supplies (DC and AC), an oscilloscope, and multimeters, which are essential tools for electrical and electronic testing and analysis.

The bottom part of the image shows a test setup for motors and motor drives. It includes an induction motor, a DC motor, an air blower, and a torque meter. This configuration is likely used for testing and characterizing the performance of different types of motors under various load conditions.

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