Univ-Biskra Receiving the translated religious discourse,the English translation of the Noble Quran,Surat Maryam,as a model, a socio-critical study Etablissement

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: With the passage of historical periods, religious discourse continued to be received between different societies and ideologies despite the conditions set by Islamic scholars for the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an, and despite calls to beware of misinterpreting it, but a group of critics and officials recently appeared calling for the application of modern interpretive theory to the Qur’an in all its backgrounds. its principles and mechanisms. And another group called for a categorical rejection of this taboo, and there are those who took a middle position and the necessity of accepting this Western view of what it can offer to the Qur’an in terms of renewal that makes it keep pace with the times and its developments, but the question now is: How to receive the religious text, specifically Surat Maryam, for example - Because of the privacy of this surah on different religious communities.

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