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The objective is the study and the resolution of classes of problems resistant to classical methods and presenting a double complexity: algorithmic complexity and systemic complexity. The global theme aims to develop new modeling, simulation and optimization techniques for decision making. These techniques are essential tools for the analysis and design of products and systems.

With this in mind, the MOSC team is interested in complex systems modeled by equations or dynamic systems under uncertainty or bio-inspired optimization techniques.

Scientific Foundations:
The research axes relating to this team are:

1) Embedded Systems This area will consider the following aspects:

  • Mastering the complexity of applications
  • oftware and the systems that host them;The security of s
  • Reduced product development time;
  • ime processing of an ever increasing volume of information;Real-t
  • The robustness of hardware and software architectures in the face of environmental constraints;
  • Intelligent and autonomous sensors (image and video).

2) Software Tools The main challenges of software tools are:

  • Development of tools and methodology facilitating the development of embedded systems;
  • Reengineering and existing application adaptation for mobile and ubiquitous embedded environment;
  • Reduce and control the time and cost of development and validation of real-time systems including distributed systems;
  • Provide greater control of operational safety;
  • Manage the growing complexity of embedded systems on chips (Network on Chip, OS and middleware ...).

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