Laboratoire d’excellence Automatique appliquée et diagnostic industriel - Smart CO-CH4 Detect: An IoT-Based System for Gas Leak Monitoring Etablissement

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Laboratoire d'Excellence LAADI

* Applied Automation and Industrial Diagnostics Laboratory (LAADI), Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Djelfa

Gas leakage detection is crucial for preventing health and environmental hazards. This paper presents the design and development of Smart CO-CH4 Detect, an IoT-based prototype system that detects carbon monoxide (CO) and methane (CH4) gases and alerts users via a mobile application. The system uses an ESP-32 microcontroller, gas sensors, a buzzer, a servo motor, and Google Firebase as the cloud platform. The system automatically triggers an alarm and opens a window for ventilation if the gas concentration exceeds a predefined threshold. The system also sends a notification to the user’s mobile device with the gas level and location information. The system was evaluated by different user categories and received positive feedback on its functionality, usability, and reliability. The system demonstrates the potential of IoT technology for enhancing gas leak detection and providing safety and assistance to indoor occupants.

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