Dynamic Feedback Controller of Euler Angles and Wind Parameters Estimation for a Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratoire

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A nonlinear dynamic model for a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle is presented with a new vision of state parameter control which is based on Euler angles and open loop positions state observer. This method emphasizes on the control of roll, pitch and yaw angle rather than the translational motions of the UAV. For this reason the system has been presented into two cascade partial parts, the first one relates the rotational motion whose the control law is applied in a closed loop form and the other one reflects the translational motion. A dynamic feedback controller is developed to transform the closed loop part of the system into linear, controllable and decoupled subsystem. The wind parameters estimation of the quadrotor is used to avoid more sensors. Hence an estimator of resulting aerodynamic moments via Lyapunov function is developed. Performance and robustness of the proposed controller are tested in simulation.

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