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The picture shows a range of tools, sensors, power supplies, and motors, used for study in the fields of electrical engineering.

A data collection system (dSPACE 1104) and several measurement tools, including a multimeter, rectifier bridge, and current transducers, are shown. This system is used for monitoring, control, and data collection.

It also shows power supplies (DC and AC), an oscilloscope, and multimeters, which are essential tools for electrical and electronic testing and analysis.

The lower part of the picture shows a test set-up for motors and motor drives. It includes an induction motor, a DC motor, and a fan. This configuration is used to test and characterize the performance of different types of motors under various load conditions.

The focus is on the electrical regulation of electrical systems, encompassing modeling, optimization, crafting control strategies, ensuring robustness, and advancing renewable energy systems.

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